Triple Chicken Foot


Triple Chicken Foot is an Old Time trio playing fiddle and banjo tunes and songs in Los Angeles, California with Ben Guzmán on fiddle/mandolin, Mike Heinle on banjo and Kelly Marie Martin on guitar.  They all three sing.  For over six years, playing old time music in Los Angeles, they have performed at the Autry National Center, LACMA, The Watkins Family Hour, weddings, numerous clubs around Southern California and on NPR. They have also performed at local festivals: Goleta Fiddlers Convention, Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest and the New Los Angeles Folk Festival, up the west coast at the Portland Old Time Gathering, the Berkeley Old Time Music Convention, and on the Palomino stage of the Stagecoach Festival.

In 2011 they were voted “Best Folk Band in LA” by the LA Weekly and 2012 they had a full-length feature article in the Los Angeles Times Arts section and a studio session for Roz Lurman’s FolkScene radio show on KPFK.

Spending time with veteran players around Los Angeles and the country at many late night jams, they have been soaking up fiddle tunes and gospel songs, and have found their voice with foot stomping dance tunes, beautiful duets and intense three part harmony of acapella ballads.

The band tries to honor the tradition of the roots of this music as an oral and community-based experience by hosting monthly jams, square dances with caller, Susan Michaels and in producing the annual Los Angeles Old Time Social.  This three day event features concerts, free workshops with master musicians, dancers and callers and ends with a family dance, cakewalk and evening square dance.

They have three full length albums:  Meeting in the Air (2006) and Tar River (2010) and Rock it on the Bone (2014).
All three are available at CD Baby and bandcamp.


The three feet are:

Ben Guzmán (Guzmonster), fiddle/mandolin

Ben began playing Old-Time 2005 ago with the band Old Jitters.  When fiddler Barb Hansen left L.A. for the NW, there was only one choice:  LEARN THE FIDDLE.  Since 2007 he has been addicted to the fiddle month after month, day to day, hour to hour.  Working under Tom Sauber as an apprentice from 2008 – 2010, Ben has learned the magic of the bow and sucking up tunes Tom has learned from his years of playing with Earl Collins and countless others.  Ben has won awards for his singing with fiddle as well as a capella.


Mike Heinle (Musty Carl), banjo

Mike began playing music on upright bass.  He was a member of the Mel-Bays as well as the Track and Field All-Stars.  He’s also been a hired gun for Kern Richards and Shane Gooding.  Mike came upon Old-Time while working with Jordan Ruyle (Mercury Dimes) in the Melbays.  During the first year of the Foot, Mike joined up with the trio and began playing Bass.  With the departure of Scott McDougal and the guitjo, Mike took up claw-hammer banjo and the current Foot was born.  Mike is completely addicted to the recording of Wade Ward & Frank Proffett.  Mike won 1st place on a fretless banjo at Goleta 2009.


Kelly Marie Martin (K. Boogie), guitar

Kelly started playing old time music on the upright bass.  She’d been playing punk/indie/folk rock since the riot grrrl/grunge days of Olympia and San Francisco co-horting with David Jones in a long line of bands that evolved into a collaborative visual and sound art and performance known as Kelly and David.  A self-taught guitar player, it was only natural that she put down the goldtop les paul and pick up the parlour for six string duties in Triple Chicken Foot.  She hopes to one day play as good as Joe Wack and master the carter scratch which can be hard for a girl who likes to hustle the rhythmn along.

Remember:  Old time is a Good time!