Triple Chicken Foot

We’re Opening for Foghorn!





















Hiya.  Kelly, here.  Way back when I first started playing old time music on the ole doghouse I got to jam with the  fellas in this band when they were on their way to tour Ireland as the all-guy five piece.  I had no idea about the music at all.  I just knew playing music all night until your fingers bled was probably the most fun I ever had and Sammy and Caleb were the masters of gettin’ down to that business. Made me a fan for life and well, for at least ten years now I just love to hear them sing and play. With this lineup with Nadine and Reeb all that continues with the sweeter tones the ladies bring but the drive also digs in just as deep and dancey.  And to cut it short, it’s a complete thrill to share the bill with them.  If you’re a Foot fan and like the old time tunes that are swingin’ around town you HAVE TO COME TO THIS GIG.  FOGHORN STRINGBAND KICKS ASS. word.